About Us

In the heart of Montreal, Quebec, Forté stands as a beacon for those who seek the depth and majesty of classical music. Our expertise and passion, honed over decades, fuel our mission to serve Canada’s audiophiles and classical music aficionados with an unmatched selection of audio treasures. We offer a bridge between the hallowed traditions of the past and the vibrant expressions of the present through our array of premium CDs, vinyl records, and expertly curated music books.

Our shelves are a celebration of classical music’s enduring legacy, featuring the finest from acclaimed labels like 2xHD, whose relentless pursuit of audio perfection meets the high standards of the most particular listener. Fidelo Music’s recordings, with their meticulous attention to detail, bring compositions to life, while GFN Classics offers a catalogue that captures the electric atmosphere of live classical performance. Adding to this prestigious lineup, Forté Art & Music, our in-house label, stands as a testament to our dedication to sonic excellence. Here, we craft and distribute works that resonate with the rich timbre and intricate harmonies that define the classical genre.

As guardians of this timeless art form, we understand that each listener’s journey is personal and profound. Forté is more than a store; it’s a space where every chord, every crescendo can be experienced in its most authentic form. Whether one seeks the soothing strains of a solo piano, the dramatic surge of a full orchestra, or the delicate interplay of a string quartet, our collection is designed to fulfill that quest for auditory bliss.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the acoustic splendor that has captivated hearts and minds for centuries. At Forté, every note offers an opportunity to partake in a legacy of excellence, to connect with the stories and emotions woven into the very fabric of classical music. Step into our world, and let the timeless journey of sound begin.