2xHD: Finest Producers of Audiophile Albums

2xHD Vinyls are sourced from first-generation analog recordings without any digital corruption. They are mastered by René Laflamme, cut entirely in analog at Bernie Grundman Mastering Lab, and pressed on 200g vinyl at 45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm.

Discover the pinnacle of audiophile excellence with our collection of 2xHD CDs, vinyl records, and reel-to-reel tapes.

About Us

We are the official distributor of GFN Productions, proudly offering a diverse range of contemporary classical works. We bring you the best local talent from la belle province, featuring premium CDs and vinyl records.

Founded in 2018 by Gabriel Felcarek, Francis Choiniere, and Nicholas Choinière, GFN Productions is a vibrant and passionate Quebec-based music producer and promoter. With a deep love for symphonic concerts and orchestral recordings, GFN brings over 75 magical concerts to life each year across Canada. They have had the pleasure of working with beloved international stars like Andrea Bocelli, Ute Lemper, and Patrick Watson, and are proud to be the leading promoter of live-to-projection “cine-concerts” in the country.

Their partnership with the Orchestre FILMharmonique has been a delightful journey since 2018, resulting in four beautiful albums under the GFN Classics label, five captivating concert films, and an inspiring documentary short.

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