Nocturne – Vincent Bélanger & Les 9 (CD)


Les 9 invites you to join them in an ethereal journey through the enchanting melodies of the night, with their newly released album in concert: NOCTURNE

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Through listening to the spellbinding sound of eight cellos and a double bass, audiences will be transported by the beauty of this music of the night. Evocative interpretations of timeless classics, from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to Debussy’s Clair de lune, blend seamlessly with the contemporary touch of this string ensemble.

At the helm of this nocturnal journey is visionary artistic director Vincent Bélanger. He is on a quest with the aim to shed light on the expressive richness of cello and double bass. Bélanger founded the ensemble Les 9 in 2019 to charm audiences by exploring the consonance between these instruments. “The sound of Les 9 is a journey to discover the beauty of harmony in spite of our dissimilarities,” he explains.


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